Sikinos II

site Sikinos Island, Cyclades, Greece

The building is divided into different levels, following, as far as possible, the slope of the ground, aiming at the enviromental balance with the landscape. All of the house’s rooms have access to the cobbled surfaces of the entrance, but also to adjacent further stone-paved surfaces to them under the pergola shading, formed on three of the levels.

The goal of the designing team is to represent the local traditional architecture in its forms, its proportions, its scale and the materials flowing from the settlement and its building stock. In other words the building is trying to adapt the contemporary way of construction and building and the functional needs of residents to the traditional standards of the existing environment.

The house is consisted by two en-suite bedrooms and two bedrooms with shared bathroom, as well as unified living room and kitchen in different levels.

  • site - Sikinos Island, Cyclades, Greece
  • team - PiSaA
  • date - 2018 · Assignment | Private Client